My Virgin Woodford

Woodford Folk Festival – the happiest 6 days of my career so far! Played 5 tents, endured the mud covered latrines and lived to tell the tale! I was entertained, enjoyed and inspired; muddied and nearly flooded; soaked, choked, applauded & exhausted by day 6!

Thank you so much to Sam Cook and Aunt Di for programming me, and the people of the Jinibara tribe for giving me the opportunity to share & shine on their land. 

My favourites were:
The Ray Mann Three (tighter & funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter!)
Spacifix (NERD on crack meets Turntablism with harmonies! ‘Nuff energy!)
Fourplay (string quartet with a difference)
Penny Larkins (Joni Mitchell tribute album – she nailed Coyote!)
Alanna & Alicia Egan (Joni Mitchell tribute album – soaring harmonies that take you to the stratosphere)
My Percival (what a way to start the day! A moving and inspiring man)
Microwave Jenny (just good!)
Andrea Kirwin (mesmeric tracks & gorgeous people!)
Stevie Salas & Bernard Fowler (power and conviction from 2 industry pros!) 

Can I do it again please?


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