Short Song on the Fly!

How would you like your idea made into a short song? Well, this is the basis for my latest idea of spontaneous creative stimulation (not easy to say first thing in the morning!!).

The experiment is called ‘Short Song on the Fly’ and the premise is this:

  • I ask you to give me an idea e.g. a dream you had, a place of significance to you and why, a favourite line from a book or film (not to famous!), or a favourite saying
  • I create a short piece from your idea using my Digitech Jamman loop pedal
  • I record myself creating it and put it up on YouTube for you (& the world) to see my musical interpretation of your idea

I’m planning to do one every two weeks. If you’re game, email me with your idea and we’ll go from there! Click here to see what I’m talking about.


One Comment to “Short Song on the Fly!”

  1. Hi Geoffrey,
    I introduced one of my classes to your Song on the Fly idea, and they had some suggestions:
    You can’t handle the truth.
    Samus Infrangilis (Latin for “We are unbreakable.”)
    Flying through clouds.
    Naked as fear, the fringe-dweller sings.
    Hot, stuffy classroom.
    Welcome to my life.
    A laugh can hide the fear.
    Time clock.
    “When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head.” (W. Blake)

    No pressure to produce anything but I thought it might be a good idea to get them thinking about how the songs they listen to are created, and to come up with ideas that might evolve into songs.
    Anyway, these were suggestions from 9 Red students.
    Good luck with the Music Festival gigs. I’d be really interested to see how you go with the Irish musician gig…am thinking of some of the great rhythmic loops that Sinead O’Connor used in her early albums…trying to imagine how that might fuse with your music….could be amazing….or not!

    I will email you when I hear back from the WESPAC Arts Council re: the Wednesday night gig. I realised we didn’t actually identify which Wed / Thurs in June. I may need to check it but the later in June the better (further away from report-writing which means the pressure will be off staff and students so we can concentrate on the song at hand!). Also I forgot to ask, do you have or can you get a working-with-children certificate? It is nothing personal and I have absolutely no qualms at all. It is a legal requirement for all people working in schools or hired by the school, that they have this check. I think you can either do it online or go into a police station and they can help you with it. There may even be a website.

    Anyway, let me know if any of this is a problem for you. I’ll be in touch about the gig.


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