Short Song on the Fly – Fate Another in the ‘Short Song on the Fly’ series and the first request goes to Eso! Thank you for sending me this idea.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 Comments to “Short Song on the Fly – Fate”

  1. Hey GEOFFREY,
    it’s Kwame Kwei-Armah here, can’t remember if you know me as Kwame or might remember me as Ian from Southall when we were teenagers. I have a real clear rememberance of you and I standing on the Hayes bridge near where you lived as a child and us talking about the life we wanted to have in music. Any way downloaded your 2008 album just a moment ago, not sure why I even decided to go look for you but I did and I really love it. And love the ad libbing vid’s on your website. Made me remember the joys of constructing songs from the bottom up. What a joy. Made me smile from my heart. Anyway, one Southall boy to the next, proud of you sir, and hope all is blessed in your life. Yours Kwame

    • Hey Kwame,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Hope all is well with you. Wow, Southall is a long time ago isn’t it? And our conversation on Hayes Bridge is very hazy in my memory… must be old age!!! Lol!

      Thank you so much for your message, it warms my spring chills! And glad you’re enjoying the Move Into Soul album.

      The reason I haven’t got back to you sooner is that I’ve been finishing the journey of writing, recording and releasing a new album by myself, which has been a great and interesting process. I’m organising launch in March 2012 in Melbourne so there’s a lot of detail to attend to! It’s called Yes Is The Answer! and, well I suppose I love it!!

      How are things with you? What are you up to? Acting, performing,?

      That’s about the size of it! Lovely to hear from you mate.

      G x

      Facebook me, if you’re on!

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